Grade Check Audit & Monday Meeting

Grade Check Audit:

  • Students must enter class with a current, printed copy of their grades from Aeries

  • Must be signed by a parent/guardian for full credit

In Composition Book:

  • Graph GPA

  • Chart % and grades for every A-G class

  • Reflect on any C, D, F grades in A-G courses

  • Choose a FOCUS class for the week based on grade check audit

Monday Meeting

  • Glue-in form

  • Meet with peers to discuss GPA, A-G progress, upcoming events, & tutorial goals

{ M }

AVID Tutorial

{ T/Th }

  • Students choose tutorial subject based on their self-assessment of A-G progress

  • Tutorial form must be turned-in BEFORE class every Tuesday & Thursday

  • Must take CN on all presenters for full credit

  • Must write a complete reflection to earn full credit

  • Must respect each tutor as an authoritative figure to remain in tutorial group

  • If absent, MUST make-up tutorial by attending make-up sessions or after-school tutoring in another classroom

  • Record tutorial details in composition book

Collegiate Vocabulary Aquisition


  • Students record information on the slide (see image on right)

  • Students write the word in an original sentence

  • Tutors check the sentences during the composition book check on Friday

  • Students are quizzed each unit

{ T/Th }

AVIGENDA/Binder Check

{ F }

  • Students must bring AVIGENDA EVERY day

  • Must complete all Learning Summaries for the week by Friday

  • AVIGENDAs will be graded weekly, along with the binder check.

  • If absent, MUST complete AVIGENDA entry for absence