AVID9: Representing the Mission

February 27, 2014


DUE Friday, March 7th at the end of class!


Remembering One of Our Own... Justin Valdez


*Go to the About LAHS AVID page, click on the mission statement to get to the official AVID website.

* Read the blog post about Justin Valdez.

* Come back to this website.

* Open a Word doc.

* Type responses to the following questions:


  1. Who was Justin? Why would I want you to read about his life?

  2. How has his story motivated you?

  3. Describe Justin's commitment to his success. Explain what he did to achieve his goals. Provide an example of what he did in ALL of the following areas:

    • Academics

    • Extra curricular endeavors

    • Serving the community

    • Personal Integrity

  4. Obviously, Justin had many support systems. Provide evidence from the article of who/what provided each type of support system for Justin:

    • Academic

    • Personal

    • Social

  5. Read the AVID Mission Statement again. Did Justin represent this mission effectively? Explain.


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