California Colleges *Click the underlined title to open docs and websites.
  1. Go to CaliforniaColleges.edu.
  2. Login using pw info on the sheet in your AVIGENDA.
  3. Click this sentence to print the Profile Builder Task Sheet.
  4. Complete the heading on the sheet.
  5. Follow the directions to complete all ALL TASKS.
  6. Record the date and make comments about what you learned from the task.
  7. Print the results and any extra sheets of info, and staple them to the form.
  8. Return to tutors on Friday, Sept. 11th during AVID class. 
Ted Talk Analysis   *Click the underlined title to open docs and websites below.
  1. Visit TedEd and create an account.
  2. Write down your login & pw info on the form in your AVIGENDA.
  3. Print the TedEd Analysis form. 
  4. Watch the lesson video, titled: Who Am I? (Just type the title in the search menu at the top of the TedEd Home page and it will come up.)
  5. When you are finished, click "Think" on the lesson page on TedEd.
  6. Respond to ALL of the questions.
  7. Complete the TedEd analysis form, including the extra reseach.
  8. Staple all docs together and submit to the tutors on Friday, Sept. 11th during AVID class.



Summer  Bridge Follow-Up Assignments

Useful Links

Fundamental AVID Strategies Transferable to A-G Classes
*Click the underlined title to open docs and websites below.
  1. Download and print the form.
  2. Access he information about each of the strategies by clicking the webpage on THIS website, titled: Fundamental AVID Strategies.
  3. Use the information about each of th strategies to complete the ENTIRE form. You will not simply be able to copy the answers. You must use your critical thinking skills to determine the most important details about each strategy.
  4. Make predictions about how we will use each strategy in AVID.
  5. Describe how you will use each strategy in your A-G classes.
  6. Submit this form to the tutors on Friday, Sept. 11th during AVID class.


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